Specialists in Chemical and


Mechanical weed control in the non-agricultural field



SWC Vegetation Management (PTY) Ltd. fulfils a need for black entrepreneurs that existed in the field of chemical weed control. When the company was registered, there were almost no registered Black Pest Control Operators in the country. The company rectified this situation by employing and training previously disadvantage individuals to qualify as registered Pest Control Operators (Weed Control) according to Act 36 of 1947. We do formal and informal training for previously disadvantaged individuals to qualify as Pest Control Operators. The company is registered at the Pest Control Service Industries Board and for all theoretical training of Pest Control Operators (Weed Control) at the Tshwane University of Technology.




SWC Vegetation Management (PTY) Ltd. realises its responsibility to its fellow man and the environment. We therefore only make use of products, which are biodegradable, and environmentally safe. No build-up of harmful substances can thus occur. The degraded products are carbon dioxide, water, nitrates and phosphate.


These substances are found free in the atmosphere and soil. The products which we use are also non-teratogenic (cancer-producing). We aim to work with nature as much as possible, not against it, to keep our environment as pleasant as possible, thus creating a better way of life for everyone. We provide a quality service, create jobs and contribute to the upliftment of the community we work in.

SWC Vegetation Management (PTY) Ltd. is a corporation, which has over the past twelve years, gained a wealth of experience in the field of Industrial Weed Control, resulting in it being one of the best of its kind in the country. We are ready to render the best service at a reasonable price to you, our client!